About Us

The Institute for Engineering Leadership advocates the nurturing of engineer-leaders through innovation and entrepreneurship learning experiences.  

Engineers are fundamentally problem solvers. Considerable technical knowledge, and the capacity to utilize higher-level system thinking skills, provide engineers with the capacity to create tremendous value in any arena.  

What is perhaps missing from that mix, but is so critical, is that dash of entrepreneurial flair. Entrepreneurial skills – of seeing opportunity, daring to grasp it, having the ability to organize people and systems to address that opportunity – are skills that can push a leader from being good to great. 

We aim to nurture engineers who can deal with uncertainty & change, and leverage on engineering & tech know-how to create & capture value.

IEL defines engineer-leaders as individuals who are strategic systems thinkers and value creators, able to identify technological innovation opportunities and engage people around them to deliver sustainable growth with societal impact.  

An engineer-leader must be innovative and have an entrepreneurial mindset; able to integrate ideas across various disciplines to create and capture value from technology. 

We advocate the nurturing of engineer-leaders through innovation & entrepreneurship experiences and learning by doing. Programmes and modules are crafted to provide opportunities for engineering students to complement their technical skills with value-creation and value-capture skills, and to develop soft skills. 

Our experiential learning experiences immerse students in an intensive environment where they must form and function as highly effective teams in a very short timeframe to succeed.  

Properly guided, these experiences provide opportunities for self-reflection in working towards personal mastery and development of interpersonal skills; both essential to undertake any leadership role. 

Students practise and reflect on their communication skills, as well as learn what it takes to create that compelling vision that can pull people and draw resources. Such experiences also provide the needed exposure to learn how to be agile and remain resilient.