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Championing People-Oriented Leadership: A Sharing Session by Mr Jen Kwong Hwa

    Championing People-Oriented Leadership A Sharing Session by Mr Jen Kwong Hwa (30 January 2019) By Lim Teck Heng, Student Writer To get the audience acquainted with him as a person, Mr Jen Kwong Hwa began by speaking briefly about his early years. Mr Jen’s passion for all things hands-on was palpable as he […]


InnoVenture’s Maker Workshop article

      Bring Your Ideas to Life: Innoventure’s Maker Workshop (26 January 2019) By Jerome Wong, IEL Student Writer On 26 January 2019, teams who had made it through to the second phase of the InnoVenture Technopreneurship and Incubation (TIP) Programme, attended the Maker Workshop. The workshop exposed them to fabrication and electronics skillsets […]


Failure as a Badge of Honour:

Failure as a Badge of Honour A sharing session with Adjunct Professor Lim Soon Hock and Dr KH Liew Article by Lim Teck Heng, Student Writer for IEL “For our sharing today, I must tell you upfront that I have crafted it to be controversial,” Prof Lim Soon Hock began the session with an attention-grabbing […]


Life Saving Trolleys

  Life Saving Trolleys (15 September 2018) By Lim Teck Heng, IEL Student Writer Military Medicine Institute (MMI), the organisation in charge of SAF Medical Centres across the island, is one of the problem statement providers for InnoVenture 2018. To allow participants to gain insight into how inspections of the Emergency Trolley (E-Trolley) are conducted, […]