InnoVenture is the technopreneurship platform for students at the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore.

Anyone who is enrolled at NUS for AY2017/2018 can sign up irrespective of their faculty or whether they are studying Bachelors, Masters or PhD.

On average a 150+ students participate every year. The competition is open to all graduate levels and all faculties at NUS. Teams are encouraged to be as diverse as possible to enhance the creativity in the team.

InnoVenture is open to all graduate levels and faculties at NUS. Teams are encouraged to form multi-disciplinary teams as much as possible to enhance creativity and skillset within the team.

In the past years we’ve had the honor of a great number of companies involved in InnoVenture. Companies such as PUB, Total, Nestle, BP, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Infineon and many more! See our “InnoVenture” page for more information about the past companies who were involved in InnoVenture!

Teams are minimum 2, maximum 4.

We highly recommend forming a team with varied backgrounds (i.e. business & engineering skills). The past winners of InnoVenture were multi-disciplinary!

You can sign up individually! We will help you to form a team with other individual signups. Do join us for the first workshop; a great opportunity to meet others and form a team!

The workshops are voluntary for all to attend. We highly encourage that you DO attend all workshops as they are invaluable for your success in the competition!

If you are enrolled under TIP for credits then it is mandatory for you to attend all workshops and pitch at IdeaLaunch. More information about the Technopreneurship and Incubation Program (TIP) will be provided at the first workshop. For more information you can also read up here.

InnoVenture is supported by the Institute of Engineering Leadership. For enquiries please contact r.sie@nus.edu.sg

Phase one of InnoVenture runs from August till November. Selected finalists will advance to the 2nd phase of InnoVenture which will be November – March the following year.

Please write to r.sie@nus.edu.sg.We will reach out to you as soon as possible.