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All Hands on Board! – InnoVenture’s Maker Workshop

(9 September 2017)


By: Rennes Lee, Student Writer


Started in 2013, InnoVenture is the annual technopreneurship competition organized by the Institute for Engineering Leadership at the National University of Singapore. The competition tasks students to make use of both engineering and business knowledge to come up with real world solutions for real world problems faced by real companies. The skills needed to succeed in this competition are diverse and broad and hence attract a wide range of students from across the university. To make it even more exciting, the winners of the competition receive a prototyping grant to develop their concepts and bring it to real-life. The competition is split into 4 major workshops (Maker Workshop, Design Workshop, Business Workshop, How to Pitch) and 2 pitching events (Idea Launch and Demo Day).

This year the competition kicked off with the Maker Workshop on the 9th September 2017. InnoVenture is privileged to have InnoSparks, National University Hospital and PSA International as the problem statement providers this year.


The Problem Statement Representatives – Malcolm (InnoSparks), Pi Rui (PSA), Jensen (NUHS)

The projects this year sure are challenging! InnoSparks for instance is looking for efficient solutions to help cool spaces, PSA is asking students to help provide solutions for signaling and preventing containers that are stacked out of sync on the container yard, while NUSH requires more efficient and cost-effective solutions to help turn patients who are bedridden and develop painful ulcers from inactivity. The students listened intently to the problem statements given by the company representative as the session provided invaluable industry insights to the participants for solutioning.


The challenge is to provide solutions that are feasible, desirable and viable and pitch the solution to the representatives at IdeaLaunch (Nov 2017). To help them in their creativity, the students had the opportunity to participate in practical workshops conducted by MakeDemy and NUS Hackers. The students were spoilt for choice as they had to make a quick decision of going for three out of the five available workshops to attend. The workshops ranged from 3D Modelling for Digital Fabrication, Introduction to Arduino, Soldering and Basic Electronics, Cardboard and Prototyping and Prototyping with Power Tools. All the workshops were hands on and interactive.


Aside from gaining new skills and knowledge the participants were able to meet and interact with other like-minded individuals from across the university, and from various graduate levels. The energy and enthusiasm by this year’s participants were palpable as they tried their best to complete the mini group projects they were assigned to do during the short amount of time they were given.

The workshops were an eye opener for many students and many saw this as an invaluable and important step to aid them on their journey. After the workshops, the students felt more confident in approaching the problem statements as they acquired many useful skills and knowledge.

The Maker Workshop kicked off the InnoVenture competition. In subsequent weeks the students will learn more about Design methods, Finances and Pitching to help them in solutioning and eventually coming up with a feasible, viable and desirable solution. Good luck to all our participants!

Click here to view photos from Maker Workshop



A special thank you to our 2017 InnoVenture problem statement providers and supporters!

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