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InnoVenture 2017: The Learning Journey to IdeaLaunch

(1 November 2017)

The journey for many InnoVenture teams concluded on the 1st of November 2017 as all of them went head to head in presenting their ideas at IdeaLaunch. Only a select few advanced to the second phase of the programme to receive prototyping grants.

Teams used a variety of interesting presentation styles. Many teams made prototypes to demonstrate how their idea would work, while others handed out informational pamphlets. Several teams also chose to use infographic videos and skits to show how their system would work.

However, just getting to IdeaLaunch was an achievement that should be celebrated. Although many clearly suffered the strain of the past weeks and the grilling they received during IdeaLaunch, they felt the experience was well worth what they had to put into the programme, and an excellent way for them to really “learn for real”.


This is what they had to say …

“I would recommend this competition for people that are passionate in engineering and entrepreneurship. You must be passionate in both.”
Shawn Lim, Year 2, Industrial Systems

“It was overwhelming because we needed a variety of skills, such as business, engineering and design. When we study, we only study our own major but for this competition we needed all these skills.”
Benjamin, Year 1, Computer Engineering

“The experience was not bad. I really learnt from it and this was a good platform to develop skills. Even though I didn’t feel the pitch went well, this was still a safe and controlled environment to help me grow.”
Qin Kai, Year 1, Computer Engineering

“The rigor of innovation is tough. It shouldn’t just be a good idea, it should always be done with the consideration of the user’s perspectives.”
Clement, Year 2, Biomedical Engineering




All the best to the teams proceeding on to the next stage. The clock is ticking to DemoDay March 2018!!

Let the games begin!