Ignatius Rasiah


Professor (Practice) Ignatius Rasiah

Programme Director
Institute for Engineering Leadership
Email: ignatius.rasiah@nus.edu.sg

Prof Ignatius Rasiah has always been at the frontier of translating innovations into products and services that provide value to the economy and society. Prior to his current appointment as Professor at the Institute of Engineering Leadership (IEL), he was the Vice President for Breakthrough Research at Medtronic. In his capacity as VP, Ignatius led the effort for the launch of a Digital Health incubator for start- ups called MindUp in Israel together with IBM, Rambam hospital in Haifa and Pitango (the largest Israeli VC fund). He also led the Medtronic Centre for External Technology Incubation (CETI). This was a global effort in incubating research projects outside Medtronic. They included research projects, product development and start-ups funded by government grants, venture funds, incubators and entrepreneurs. This centre has a focus on breakthrough technologies and business models relating to the surgical and patient monitoring spaces.

Ignatius received his PhD in Physics in 1992 and continued onto his postdoctoral fellowship at the Lash Miller Labs in the University of Toronto in Canada. He then moved into industry where for over 20 years he has held roles such as Global Technology Manager at Honeywell Electronic Materials (1997-2003), the Chief Technology Officer for Asia at PerkinElmer Optoelectronics (2004-2007) delivering numerous products to industry. Apart from being a consultant, he has also been holding key positions at national levels such as the Cardiovascular Taskforce in Singapore, the National Lung Cancer Taskforce in Malaysia and the Institutional Review Board at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

At IEL, Ignatius continues to cherish spending time working with young minds as they learn the art of converting ideas into products that meet and serve the unmet needs of society and industry.