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Bring Your Ideas to Life:
Innoventure’s Maker Workshop

(26 January 2019)

By Jerome Wong, IEL Student Writer

On 26 January 2019, teams who had made it through to the second phase of the InnoVenture Technopreneurship and Incubation (TIP) Programme, attended the Maker Workshop. The workshop exposed them to fabrication and electronics skillsets they would need to build a prototype of their proposed solution . The solution is to be pitched to the stakeholders during Demo Day@E-Hive! on 17 April 2019.

IV Maker workshop 1IV Maker workshop 2IV Maker workshop 3

Prototyping Mentors: Sudarshan Anantharaman (NUS Enterprise),Richard Chee (NUS Enterprise), Hengky Wirawan (Dyson)

This year’s prototyping mentors were introduced; and Richard Chee, Master Engineers from NUS Enterprise, Hengky Wirawan from Dyson and Hisham Bary (not pictured in figure 1) from Ideal Factory. This is the first time that the student teams would have prototyping mentors from outside the Faculty to assist them at this stage. The mentors would provide much needed expertise with years of real-world experience between them.

IV Maker Workshop 4IV Maker Workshop 5

Students Discussing with Their Mentors and Grabbing Breakfast Along the Way

Students had a chance to meet their mentors in the morning to bounce off ideas and discuss their projects. Our students also took the opportunity to network with their peers and fuel up for the long day ahead.

IV Maker Workshop 6

Fabrication Workshop Trainer Demonstrating the Milling Machine

The fabrication workshop held at the Engineering Fabrication Lab saw our students going through the uses of various machineries there. For many, it was their first time to the Fab Lab and an eye-opening one too. As digital natives, few millennials had the opportunity to get their hands dirty and build a physical prototype before. The detailed craftsmanship that is required to fabricate even a simple wooden box cannot be dismissed.  After the veterans of the Fab Lab went through the design they would be prototyping, the students enthusiastically started building and creating their own woodwork.

IV Maker Workshop 7

CAD Workshop Trainer Troubleshooting

The computer-aided drawing workshop allowed students to bring their prototyping ideas to life as they were guided through the different tools in Autodesk Fusion. Most first year engineering students would have already been exposed to a CAD software as part of their curriculum. The workshop served as a refresher course to the workflows available in the Autodesk ecosystem.

IV Maker Workshop 8

Arduino Workshop Trainer and Students

The Arduino workshop was the most well-received workshop of the day. It focussed on tinkering and experimenting with the different sensors and codes available on the Arduino. Some of our students got hooked by how much fun the little microprocessor could offer and even stayed back to ask more questions outside the workshop.

Mr Eugene Ee Wei Han, from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the trainer for the Arduino Workshop, comments on his experience in conducting the workshop:

“I particularly enjoyed teaching the students who were totally new to electronics and programming. Showing them theoretical concepts such as ohm’s law (V=IR) being applied in real life and how things work in our daily lives was very meaningful. It also makes me happy to see my students get that sense of satisfaction each time they successfully complete the hands-on exercises”

IV Maker Workshop 9

InnoVenture students troubleshooting at the Arduino Workshop

The students also shared the same eagerness to learn more about the Arduino through the workshop. One of the them, Yeoh Ze Yong from team Innoventurers, recounts:

“The Arduino workshop allowed me to be aware of the different ways that the microprocessor can be used. I will need to spend more time outside of the workshop to understand the codes and learn how to write them myself.”

With the InnoVenture’s Maker Workshop concluded, students would now have the tools to work towards building their prototypes. Go forth teams with your new-found knowledge in prototyping and bring your ideas to life!


IEL would like to thank the following for their support of the InnoVenture Maker Workshop:


  • Hengky Wirawan, Dyson
  • Hisham Bary, IdealFactory
  • Richard Chee, NUS Enterprise
  • Sudarshan Anatharama, NUS Enterprise


  • Brandon Ng
  • Chua Choon Thye
  • Eugene Ee Wei Han
  • Hozefa S/O Husainee
  • Kenneth Neo
  • Rajah S/O M Thangavelo