IV 2018 Programme


What’s the process like?

Students will attend workshops to acquire knowledge, meet often with industry mentors to enhance their thinking, work with their peers to develop teamwork and leadership skills, and closely connect with the problem statement representatives to gain real-life experience in working with industry.

The year-long program is split up into 2 phases/semesters. Phase 1 will focus on problem solving and design, while Phase 2 will focus on (hardware) prototyping of the proposed solutions and pitching to industry. Leadership and team development will happen throughout Phase 1 and 2.


Schedule – Phase 1/Semester 1

Event Date Content
Kick-off 21 August


Introduction of Challenge and Problem Statements to participants. Start of registration/team signups
Customer Focus Workshop 1 September


Focuses on identifying your customer, and how to interview and gain information from them for solutioning. Interaction with companies!
Effective Decision Making 8 September


Focuses on team formation & dynamics to ensure that your team is ready for the challenge!
Solutioning Workshop 15 September


Focuses on creativity tools & tricks to help you in your solutioning!
Immersions TBD Field trips to participating companies to experience the setting in which the problem statement applies (only for selected problem statements)
Business & Presenting Workshop 20 October


Focuses on business viability of your proposed solution and how to effectively present it to an audience
IdeaLaunch 14 November


All teams will present their solutions to a panel!