Randall Y.C. Sie

With an Asian ethnicity, Dutch nationality and having lived in Singapore, the Netherlands and Indonesia for large parts of his life, Randall considers himself global at heart.

After earning a BSc. in International Business Administration and an MSc. in Strategic Management from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Randall started his professional career in the Strategy & Management Consulting industry at Capgemini Consulting in the Netherlands. Randall’s project work ranged from culture changes, business case development, transformation projects, carve-outs, project management and facilitation of workshops around the world. His interest in business case development led to the early initiation of teaching as a facilitator and trainer for the Business Case methodology at the Capgemini University.

Seeking a change of employment, industry and location, Randall pursued his MBA at the National University of Singapore. Pursuing his interest in tech and people development and entrepreneurship, Randall subsequently started his employment within the Institute for Engineering Leadership.

At IEL, Randall is responsible for the annual Technopreneurship competition InnoVenture, and has a high involvement in various IEL graduate courses (TechLaunch, Enterprise Development) and initiatives (Explore-Eng, ad hoc workshops). He enjoys sparring with students about new (tech) ideas and working towards the actual realization of the ideas.

In his free time Randall is active in a variety of sports ranging from weekly football matches, gym, muay thai and cycling. He cooks! He enjoys travelling around the world and meeting up with the friends, family and acquaintances made over the years.

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Randall Y.C. Sie

Adjunct Lecturer
Manager & Programme Lead
Institute for Engineering Leadership
Tel: 65-6601 2737
Email: r.sie@nus.edu.sg