Sue MacNamara

Sue is the Regional Network Director of Six Seconds, Asia Pacific, a global community practicing and sharing learnable, measurable, scientific skills for a world of insight, connection and purpose. Sue is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organisations to grow and to flourish. Sue has over 25 years of experience in the field of leadership and training and over 20 years in the field of education. She supports organisations to create climates where people thrive and contribute with passion, purpose and high performance and Educational organistions, where students are encouraged and supported to flourish and mature as human beings who will positively contribute to their own lives, their families, their workplaces and to society as a whole.

Sue works with leaders, educators and change makers in business, education and community organisations to integrate emotional intelligence into their programmes with the objective of creating positive growth. She advocates an evidence-based approach blending the neuroscience of change and learning, strong data with practical processes to improve learning and the application of EQ Skills. Her work in education focuses on school/polytechnic/university-wide implementation of emotional intelligence; from measuring and developing student EQ, to supporting leaders, teachers, counsellors and caregivers to create a positive climate for learning and well-being. Projects range from introductory programmes to raise awareness through to whole-school/faculty implementations to create optimal climates. Likewise, in corporate and government, Sue supports change makers in many forms, from introducing EQ as a performance driver, to integrating emotional intelligence into strategic planning, customised program development and train-the-trainer processes to build capacity.

Sue holds a Ph.D in Education, with her doctoral research investigating the relationship between teacher/student and parent/child emotionally intelligent behaviours. Sue is one of a small number of Advanced Practitioners of emotional intelligence in the world and a Master Trainer of the Six Seconds Certification programmes. She is a certified EQ Coach and utilises powerful assessment tools including the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Brain Profiles and Vital Signs to assist individuals to develop core competencies to unlock their full potential both professionally and personally. Sue also holds qualifications in early childhood education, tertiary education, advanced child protection, neuro-linguistic programing, coaching EQ and business and finance.

In addition, Sue is an Adjunct Associate Professor and Programme Lead of Soft Skills with the Institute for Engineering Leadership at the National University of Singapore and a Consultant Advisor to the Centre for Future Ready Graduates at the National University of Singapore. She is also a Board Member and Chair of the Education Sub-committee and Academic & Examinations Board at Tanglin Trust School.


Sue MacNamara
Associate Professor