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Venture Funding

Fund Tech Ventures

The Venture Funding module led by the Institute for Engineering Leadership focuses on venture fund raising to support NUS technology commercialization projects.

This module will equip the participants with fund raising know-how and skills through experiencing the typical start-up fund raising process that is often full of uncertainty. Teams will be guided through development of a strategy for fund raising, ways of engaging investors, responding effectively to due-diligence, drafting and negotiating term sheets and closing the financing round.

The objective is to organize and obtain funding commitments for a newly formed technology venture. Whether it is a confirmation of a grant receipt or a commitment from a VC, the objective is to secure initial money for the start-up development.


The Venture Funding programme is a module provided under the NUS Division of Engineering and Technology Management, Faculty of Engineering. Details on the module may also be found here. 

Non-NUS participants may also apply to join in the module. This module may be adapted for in-house programmes. Contact us at for a chat!

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